Edwardian Fernie visits a Heritage Management Consultant

Edwardian Fernie was in Calgary this weekend and had the good fortune to meet with Marilyn Williams a well known and highly respected heritage management consultant with expertise in conservation and preservation. Marilyn has been extremely important to the preservation and conservation of Calgary heritage. Her work has won a number of awards including:
2011 Duncan Gillard Memorial Medal, University of York awarded for the Best Conservation Studies dissertation: Community Conservation Planning: Managing change and heritage value in Calgary’s Historic Urban Neighbourhoods
2012 Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Community Programming (Century Homes team)
2014 Calgary Heritage Authority Lion Award, Community Vitalization, Century Homes Calgary team and Advocacy & Awareness, Heritage Roundtable team.

Marilyn explained her work with the City of Calgary and the heritage initiatives it has taken around creating an inventory and catalogue of the heritage architecture in the city. If you are interested in this work take a look at the amazing site that the City of Calgary has created for this purpose at http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Pages/Heritage-planning/Inventory-of-evaluated-historic-resources.aspx. It is an extremely valuable resource and impressive for both scholar and amateur historian and architect alike.

Marilyn also talked to EdwardianFernie about strategies and resources around heritage preservation, conservation, restoration and rehabilitation. One of the very interesting programs Marilyn talked about was the Century Home Project which she developed in Calgary and which won a Governor General’s Award. This project engaged the city and the owners of heritage homes as well as those interested in the heritage of Calgary and its architecture and heightened heritage awareness throughout Calgary.

Marilyn was very generous and shared a number of resources which will be of great interest to those who are seeking to undertake a heritage restoration, conservation or rehabilitation as well as those who are seeking to build a new house in an accurate representation of a historical style or create an addition to a heritage house. Should you wish to know more please let us know at EdwardianFernie and we will assist you with some of the resources and contacts that we have been so graciously given by Marilyn.

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